Student Work

  • Design and Urban Ecologies (MS)

    Michaela Kramer and Isabel Saffon Sanin

    Jamaking: Re-Framing The Bay

    Jamaking: Re-Framing The Bay, opens up the relationship between the communities and ecosystems present in Jamaica Bay, New York as a source for social, political and ecological transformation. Jamaking is a civic platform that hosts physical and nonphysical interventions, wherein private, public, and local organizations collaborate to produce a re-imagined landscape of the bay. This strategy works to open access to the bay, activating it as a vital public space through social engagement, design activities, and ecological recovery measures. Additionally, this strategy will also allow for new processes of decision making and co-production of space, therefore drawing a landscape of greater socioeconomic and environmental justice. Jamaking contains a cycle of phases connected to the seasons that continuously repeat, which involve a management structure, community outreach, pedagogical programs, design and implementation workshops, and the activation and reaprorpriation of the bay. Collectively, these steps support residents to steward dynamic interactions with Jamaica Bay that simultaneously support social and ecological resiliency.