Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Moon Choi

    The Process of Possession

    This collection, The Process of Possessions, explores the fusion of Korean traditions, student culture, and Buddhism. It visually represents the stages of my life and my experiences of heritage, suppression, and expression. In this life, we start from zero, and gradually build knowledge, values, and material possessions. My collection attempts to visually represent the stages of my life through layers of materials and forms adopted through heritage, suppression and expression. It references the traditional Korean dress hanbok, the monks’ costume, and Korean school uniforms. Together, these three concepts define my design identity.I believe that fashion can express who we are, and my goal is to create designs that can affect one’s identity and behavior. Tailoring skills are central to my design methodology, which is also influenced by my heritage. With this collection, I want to suggest ways to change and improve one’s lifestyle. My background defines who I am as a designer and influences my process.My creativity and aesthetic are represented in this clothing, which demonstrates an awareness of my origins while pointing to the future. I believe that clothing is not defined by gender. I have used my craft to break down barriers between male and female, representing how an individual can adopt any identity they choose, and take control over their own lifestyle.