Student Work

  • Fashion Marketing and Communication (AAS)

    Nikki Chowdhury

    Trend Forecasting: Anti-Authority

    Our trend forecasting project focused on the “Anti-Authentic” movement of Spring/Summer 2018. The movement is framed as a backlash against the current industry trend of forced and often disingenuous notions of “authenticity” and “natural.” Instead, this trend focuses on the future. It embraces man-made materials, finishes, and inventions. Here, we examine how the Anti-Authentic movement will affect the beauty, menswear, athleisure and interior design industries.The concept of natural makeup is turned on its head. Bright colors, glossy finishes, and futuristic contouring take its place. Menswear is inspired by architectural, futuristic shapes, and materials shift from traditional fabrics to the use of man-made materials like aluminum, with metallic coatings and reflective finishes. Athleisure, which has become a fashion force outside of any actual physical activity, has an increased need to differentiate real athletes from faux-letes. Silhouettes are exaggerated with fabrics like neoprene and mesh, while functionality is announced by trims that are exaggerated to disproportionately big sizes. Sneakers are updated with bulky ankle cuffs and oversized Velcro straps, while hoodies and tracksuits achieve functionality through the implied breathability of mesh. Consumers will become fatigued by the oversaturation of ancient Eastern meditation sports like yoga and tai-chi. Instead they will turn toward futuristic, immersive experiences that combine sport with experiential design, such as Electric Run and SoulCycle. Last, interiors will combine classic pieces with LED lights and an embrace of unnatural spaces. These spaces feature pixelated prints on fabric, neon lights, and bright colors and unnatural finishes, as opposed to traditional wood, marble, or ceramic.