Student Work

  • Interior Design (BFA)

    Elysia Belilove

    Sleep Escape

    Sleep Escape is the design for a space of silence, retreat, reading and sleep, located in East Village, Manhattan. The design consists of three climatically transformable pavilions with libraries located in each plinth below. The program combines a series of libraries with spaces for reading and napping with the idea of creating a public space that allows rest (napping) and reflection (reading) to become spontaneous and interchangeable activities. The design was derived from explorations studying the relationship between ceiling and bed, or sky and ground, combined with a human in a state of repose. Sunlight and weather are filtered through the varying ceiling conditions of each pavilion creating a spectrum of atmospheric environments over the course of a an hour, a day, a season and so forth. Shadows and sunlight are projected from sky to ceiling to the typography of the ground, creating a dynamic interior that reflects the sky.