Student Work

  • Integrated Design (BFA)

    Brianna Blunt

    Kumari Waters

    Kumari Waters uses metal to channel and convey the beauty of water and mountains. Metal materials are shaped to appear as rough as rocks or as fluid as ai chi. Polished sterling silver juts through the distressed carvings to re-create the refracted light of ocean ripples. Crystal quartz captures the purity of water.

    I focused my conceptual research on my own sensory relationship to water and the landscape of water splashing up against mountains. I gathered various rocks and created mock carvings on soap to experiment with different textures, and combined freeform calligraphy strokes and drawings of ai chi movements, to brainstorm silhouettes. In the end, I only completed the pieces I truly saw myself wearing, and treated each one as a statement of its own, rather than part of a collection. Kumari Waters is an ethereal and poetically inspired project, in both process and prototype.