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    I looked and looked: a death of visual taste, part 6

    I looked and looked: a death of visual taste is a collection of videos that serve as surrogates for paintings, in an ongoing effort to understand the artistic process, the self, and the artist. 

    As a child I wanted to draw and to be a painter, but I was never technically skilled enough to render realistic images. After years of formal training, I became discouraged. Years later, in 2014, I began assuming the role of a struggling painter, conflicted by traditional values and the contribution of the artist to society. I started painting blindfolded in an act of resistance to visual bias and to the market-driven production of pretty pictures, and to approach visual art from a new perspective. I never look at my subject, my canvas, my brush, or my paints. "A death of visual taste" is an effort to make paintings using the senses beyond sight and to emphasize the artistic process over the finished product. 

    Full-length video can be viewed here: