Student Work

  • Illustration (BFA)

    Miranda Bruce

    The Uncanny

    My goal for this project, titled The Uncanny, was to explore color and texture in its purest form. I wanted to work with space as a flat surface, and create environments that show the interaction between characters and objects in a way that allows the viewer to identify depth and dimension. In order to do this, I worked with different layers of materials. I started with a background of acrylic and masking tape to set spatial boundaries. After that I worked with oil pastels, directly on the acrylic and on separate pieces of paper, which were later collaged in. On some occasions I also worked with oil paint sticks to create texture. Using these varied elements allowed me to explore the interactions between different media and how they facilitate different forms of communication. The particular medium used in each panel informs the narrative; each panel is a story of its own, in its own form.