Student Work

  • Fine Arts (BFA)

    Lydon MacGregor

    Embodying Impossibility: Repetition, Apprehension, and Desire in the Space of Queer Subjectivity

    My work investigates the tension of existence. Composed in the space of my own personal, queer subjectivity, I engage with the reducible unknot of subjective experience, traversing such tensions and dichotomies by means of similarly divergent processes (e.g., writing and gestural performance). Through this perpetual apprehension, the work is always generative. My desire is to never fix and never finalize, to consistently immerse myself in these tensions in a way that ensures an ongoing, infinite exploration. Using media such as installation, performance, drawing, and video, this thesis uses embodiment and language as media of expression. Confronting the impossibility of my desire—the fact that I will never be able to fully know the Other—does not terminate my apprehending desire. Rather, because of this, the other person transforms, by means of idealization, personification, and bodily interactions. Many times I necessarily embody the Other, through writing and/or performance. Distinctions between seemingly opposed concepts are blurred and fractured. What emerges is the profound urgency of the processes, actions, and repetitions I employ through this perpetual apprehension and queer strategy. For myself, as well as in the work, there is satisfaction in failing to achieve an aim: The work and process become a perpetual desire for something else.