Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Jackson Wiederhoeft

    The Dollies

    The Dollies is a narrative collection that follows our protagonist, Kitty, in three acts. In Act I, she is under the control of a spooky king, in a stuffy castle. In Act II, she makes friends with a fabulous witch, in a world of sheerness and light. In Act III, she falls to an untimely death and ascends into the afterlife with sweet cherubs. This collection has been an opportunity to take the lessons I have learned working in both costume design and fashion design, and apply them to create something that is both. I believe the difference between fashion and costume is only context, and that no garment is inherently one or the other. Most important, I believe that fashion and costume both have transformative power. The clothes we wear can take us to another place or time, or elevate us to a more fantastic version of ourselves. That is what The Dollies is for me—a means of transportation and transformation to a place of fantasy, joy, and exploration.