Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Conrad Sun


    As I grow older, I realize that the more I try to blend with society, the more confused my identity becomes. I do not want to repeat past mistakes. I decided to create an imaginary world called “Uncompromise,” where it is a sin to have an identity and being self-aware is punishable by law. This project is an expression of my imaginary world, in the form of a collection.The silhouettes and textiles used in my collection are inspired by this imaginary world. Working with the natural field generated by magnets, I developed the ultimate fabrics for this collection. These unique textiles have the potential to expand the definition of utility in fashion. The silhouettes are inspired by prison uniforms. Without being literal, I focus on their functionality and utility. With magnetic textiles and utilitarian silhouettes, the Uncompromise collection shines in its functionality and dramatic textures.