Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Janet Chan

    I.A. on A.I.

    I.A. on A.I. is a visual interpretation of a collection of Isaac Asimov’s short stories on the ethics of artificial intelligence. We live in a time where renowned scientists warn of the unknown repercussions of an A.I.-
filled future. This project introduces the reader to Asimov’s world where robots and humans live in harmony and the various ethical issues they may encounter living with beings composed of code and programs of pure logic. The topics explored in Asimov’s stories include religion, morality, existentialism, and more. The robots are governed by three fundamentals principles and the events of the stories push the boundaries of these laws. Each story has a dominant graphic gesture as a rule. The following flow of spreads would then challenge the initial design rule. Inspired by the dynamic layouts of Quentin Fiore’s “The Medium is the Massage,” images and expressive type are used to invite readers into a science fiction world of the (not) distant future.