Student Work

  • Photography (MFA)

    Zhongjia Sun

    Names of Things

    I am interested in creating images that subvert the language of still life photography as it is used in consumer culture. I engage my viewers with humor, surprising situations, and unconventional materials. I am not seeking to sell products with my photography, but pointing to the photographic art object as a commodity. To create these works, I first use my iPhone as a sketchbook. I photograph the objects and things that I am drawn to. I seek unique ways of seeing. From this research visual strategies are developed and utilized in the construction of my images. Re-contextualizing the mundane, I seek to present the world of objects in new and unexpected ways. I question how things look. I consider how they might look and be better seen. I aim to capture viewers’ imaginations, engage their criticality, and question our underlying assumptions of the everyday.