Student Work

  • Lighting Design (MFA)

    Thomas Mnich

    SHIFT - Creating a sensual experience by utilizing the thresholds of the visual system

    In lighting design, the intention is usually to use light for a specific task and to facilitate a functional experience. The task and experience usually rely on the state of photopic vision, which is essentially the “daytime” mode of seeing. It enables humans to see detail and color.  

    However, there is greater opportunity to reveal and mediate a sensual experience by leaving the photopic state and reaching the visual thresholds of mesopic vision. In mesopic vision, receptive fields of both day and night vision overlap, causing simultaneous visual response and unlocking potential in the perceptual field. Utilizing these thresholds in a public airport restroom discloses the possibility of making a change in this contrasting environment, creating sensual awareness and a spiritual journey.