Student Work

  • Illustration (BFA)

    Richard Lopez

    Invention In C Major

     Invention In C Major is a stop-motion film dealing with concepts of lost identity, objectification, and psychological trauma. In the late 1800s, a psychotic musical inventor becomes infatuated with a beautiful pianist. After convincing the girl to marry him, the inventor turns her into one of his musical devices by implanting her own piece of music into her chest, where it will play forever. With no recollection of her past, the “gramophone lady” lives in solitude, her music playing on repeat. The ghosts of her misplaced memories appear as apparitions.

    My goal was to use stop-motion puppetry to tell a story that mimics the dark tones of old fairytales. Using original music, detailed sets, and story writing, I created a cohesive film that embodies core themes of past, present, and the transformation of an individual through trauma.