Student Work

  • Illustration (BFA)

    Margalit Cutler

    That’s Disgusting


    That’s Disgusting is a stop-motion 2D animation that portrays a cyclical series of interactions between strangers in New York City. Inspired by the diverse characters and subcultures of this filthy city, I expose a quality unifying humans: We are all gross. While homogeneous enclaves dominate other cities, New York is unique. People of different races and socioeconomic spheres brush up against each other on the street and smell one another on the subway. We confront cultural diversity every day. The mixture of backgrounds is beautiful and should be celebrated. 

    The goal of this narrative is to show that no one is superior because of wealth or appearance. While we judge others who are different from us, we are also judged. That’s Disgusting urges viewers not to take themselves too seriously, because we are all gross humans in different ways—and that’s cool.