Student Work

  • Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Juliana Echavarria

    Nuestro Museo


    Nuestro Museo is a strategic study and recommendation for the MAMBO (Museum of Modern Art) in Bogotá, Colombia, for implementing an education department, which currently does not exist. The project focuses not on the funding or staffing elements of creating an education department but rather on the public programming. The study rigorously investigates museums around the world, the art scene in Bogotá, and the MAMBO as an institution. This investigation is done to gain an understanding of issues and needs in order to proceed to propose a solution. There are two main issues. First, growth of the museum is not parallel to the surge of the Colombian art market and the success of Colombian artists abroad. Second, there is a disconnect between the city of Bogotá and the MAMBO. Therefore, this project proposes three activities for the education department of the MAMBO. These activities are designed to reflect the current character of contemporary art in Bogotá and to bring the city into the museum and the museum back into the city.

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