Student Work

  • Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Serrino Shizun Liu Zhuang Qian

    Seele—Business of Artwork


    Seele is ancient Greek for “seed” and German for “soul.” Seed and soul are the two elements Seele wants the public to know about in the art industry. Art has been pushed to an isolated position in society. But it should be appreciated by the public, instead of being locked in cold galleries or the creator’s studio. Seele sees every student as a seed, and every work of art as the concretization of the student’s soul. 

    Seele markets high-profile art school students’ work to individuals, families, and companies. The aim is for Seele to become the best-known and most popular website for trading and marketing students’ original artwork. Our business aim is twofold. One aim is to bring artwork into ubiquity and make artwork easily accessible to anyone looking to acquire it. The other is to help art students raise their public profile and to help them market and sell their work.