Student Work

  • Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Bowie Mok

    How Media Changes Food Experiences


    The goal of this project is to dive deep into the intersections of food sharing and new media and explore the way the rise of new media has changed the food landscape. Through case studies, performative and observational research, stakeholder mapping, and interviews, I was able to gather unique insights about the present and future of food and media.

    Through my research, I discovered that society's behaviors with food indicate a shift in the mentality of luxury. Food is now seen as a form of experiential luxury. In millennials, media behavior reveals desire: The notion of "food porn" is no longer sufficient. As a society, we are looking for a deeper, more intimate relationship with and understanding of our food. Whether this comes in the form of urban rooftop gardens or engagement with local restaurants, it is clear that our relationship with food continues to evolve in exciting ways.


    Full presentation can be found here: