Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Vanshika Swaika

    Parsons Engraved


    Parsons Engraved explores way-finding and signage design, using Parsons School of Design as a case study. Utilizing a custom typeface, a physical printed way-finding system, and an on-campus Web mapping service, the project proposes a visual system aimed at solving spatial, signage, and way-finding problems.

    The process began with research on way finding and signage in varied environments and analysis on how people interact with spaces. From there an identity for Parsons was created with the typeface Parsons Engraved. The typeface is inspired by monoline typefaces whose primary usage was in engraved signs. Parsons Engraved is based on a 2:1 grid made of geometric shapes. It is composed of twelve weights, ranging from ultralight to black. Each weight is assigned to a floor in order to create a visual hierarchy in vertical space. Red and black are used to emphasize the information hierarchy on each sign. Printed signs were designed using the DIN system of paper sizes. The importance of the sign is highlighted by its size. Given that mobility is essential to way-finding information, Parsons Engraved is also an interactive website that allows users to search for a location, offers information unique to that space, and gives directions.