Student Work

  • Photography (MFA)

    Alex Kwok

    Light Inflections


    This series utilizes the photographic medium to explore the rematerialization of light. Treated as both subject and material, light is being translated at each stage, taking different forms in each representation. Here, light transitions in representation. Starting as a natural agent, it later takes the form of ink pigment printed on three-dimensional objects. These photosculptures examine the points of intersection between image and object to consider where the photograph lies between those definitions. This photographic series engages with the relationship between semiotics and photographic representation, taking into consideration the contemporary context and the historical narrative of abstract photography and its association with the conceptual art movement of the 1960s. Contemporary photography has expanded pictorial possibilities through the digitization of visual imagery. This commitment to process-based work shows an awareness of detail in order to question photography’s ever-changing and unpredictable direction in contemporary art.