Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Albert Hicks IV

    The RE- PDF

    THE RE- TEXTBOOK — A set of PDFs issued by TopTopTopNews. The objective of each PDF is to combine popular news and media in relation to academic text. There is a lack of criticality that is inherent in the speed and delivery of news today. The academic text serves as a critical response to the lack of varying perspectives on culture, gender, class, and race. Each PDF will help to give more context such as definitions, insightful inquiries, and contrasting imagery on a subject opposed to groundless information. A different re word is used for each PDF that helps the reader to reimagine, rethink, revise, readapt, recognize, reflect, remember, etc. The juxtaposition of the accessible and the inaccessible will circulate the web on various platforms and will help to expand new ideas, process culture in new ways, and will spark progressive conversations throughout various groups of people.