Student Work

  • Design and Technology (BFA)

    Dongjae Krystofer Kim

    The Matchbox

    From “Lord of The Rings” to “Toy Story” to crime dramas, objects often play a central role in the narrative of a story. However, none of these narratives are driven by the objects themselves unless those objects are anthropomorphized. With my thesis, I wanted to tell a compelling narrative about an inanimate object in an inanimate way.Though not as magical or exciting as some of the characters or objects in the aforementioned films and TV programs, a matchbox is the inanimate, non-anthropomorphized, protagonist in my film. Similar to the indifferent nature of lifeless objects, the film uses a single, unchanging angle, providing only a microscopic view of the protagonist. As the story transpires, the narrative expands beyond the matchbox itself.In the end, the matchbox may not be viewed the same way; it gains a life of its own, having been part of the life story of a family. The family, meanwhile, becomes a part of a bigger narrative of human history.