Student Work

  • Fashion Design and Society (MFA)



    I created a collection of XXXXXXXXXL (nine times extra large) ribbon embroidery over printed/scanned flower embroidery over printed/scanned and photographed real or drawings of flowers. At first, I designed my own flower pattern; then, I added layer upon layer of flower patterns using a variety of techniques to create a rich texture.My collection comes from my daily experience of making DIY packages. In this collection, I focus on handcrafted technique, which I learned from DIY packages such as ribbon embroidery, yarn embroidery, felting and creating 3D fake flowers with fabric. Then, I enlarge the structure of the DIY outcomes to show these traditional skills in a new way. The embroideries are nine times larger than the originals, hence the name of the collection. In the developing process, not only is the structure enlarged, but also my mind and creative possibilities.