Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Camille Gervais

    Art is dead, (God also), and I don't feel so well myself

    “Art is dead, (God also), and I don't feel so well myself” produces a group of four design objects—dossier, book, website and poster—that reflect the form and content of a series of conversations that address the state of art today and aesthetic thought through time. The question more broadly addressed is how art can exist in a time when there is no single coherent message everyone can understand, as religion was in the Middle Ages or the city-state was in Ancient Greece. Each design object proposes a different means of communication through its format, allowing the reader to explore the material in a particular manner; the dossier and website provide a non-linear and extensive reading while the book and poster offer an established and condensed model of displaying research. The inquiry is directed towards understanding aesthetic thought in conjunction with art history, to pose questions on art’s role today in post-modernity, and to position design in these different paradigms.