Student Work

  • Fashion Design (AAS)

    Peter Hu


    This collection is dedicated to my mom, who I love dearly, but who has not always been supportive of my design career. In fact, to this day, she still wishes that I would follow in her footsteps in becoming an electronics engineer. One of the most tangible symbols of her wish for me to become an engineer was a little blue box she had built for one of my science projects in middle school; it had little LEDs laid out in a circular formation that would blink in different colors and patterns each time you flicked a switch. I really wanted to use her aesthetic language and apply it to my own discipline. For me, my mom’s aesthetic has always had a futurist connotation; at the same time, the machines she makes do gritty work. I also thought about my mom’s work attire; she prefers button down shirts. However, when she is actually doing testing, she wears a white lab coat or one in an deep shade of royal blue.