Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Michael Yip


    PROTECTION | SECURITY | SAFETY | STRENGTH | DUALITY are words that best describe my fashion. My approach is to create a fantasy or dream for the wearer. My collection focuses on outerwear as it evokes a sense of protection and security, which has always been a theme in my clothes.For my thesis, I wanted to explore those words.Duality comes from womenswear and menswear. Being raised by two strong women—my mom and my aunt—I wanted to blend the excitement of womenswear with modern day menswear. Protection is the sensation I want to feel when I put on clothes. Having been insecure about a lot of things in my life, I want clothing to make me feel protected.Fantasy comes from a desire to unleash emotion in the wearer. In this collection, I want them to feel strong and powerful through my clothes.GARGOUILLE induces a sense of protection from gargoyles through the poetic linear silhouettes of classical ecclesiastic garments. The decorative carvings found on the arches and columns inside a church provided the foundation for the emboss fabric exploration and metallic flower embellishments seen throughout the collection.