Student Work

  • Product Design (BFA)

    Joseph Gonzalez


    The Wel water filter is a refillable and recyclable alternative to the destructive disposable model used by brands such as Brita. The first Wel vessel will focus on a single user and incorporate the recommended intake of 64 ounces into the consumer’s daily ritual. Problem: An activated carbon and ion exchange resin filter can reduce impurities and adverse health effects of poor tap water. Unfortunately, sealed disposable filters trap the polypropylene housing with the filter materials and most pitchers are monstrous hybrids of plastics and metals.Filter: Wel diverts the waste stream by reusing the polypropylene housing and supplying easy to replace filtration pucks. Vessel: Instead of a cheap, plastic body meant to be hidden in the fridge, a glass vessel is used and lives on display as a reminder. Ridges provide a grip and indicate a 32 ounce fill line, providing a glanceable understanding of water intake. The borosilicate glass provides durability for continued use.Endlife: The customer composts the activated carbon and disposes the ion exchange puck. At its end of life, the borosilicate glass and polypropylene housing can be recycled.