Student Work

  • Fashion Design and Society (MFA)

    Katherine Mavridis

    "rather, it seeks a kind of suggestiveness; in holes, in emptiness"

    Title: “rather, it seeks a kind of suggestiveness; in holes, in emptiness”Media: Acrylic Rope, Viscose, nylon and wool yarns.Description of result: Fully fashioned knit and rope garments.Concept:Rupture – A moment of release; broken. A moment of change; shift. A cut, a slit, a rip.Reduction – The elimination of information; breaking down of a complex form into a singular self.Garments in their simplest form are tubes connected to other tubes. What are clothes without the body; tubes which enclose an empty [space] – waiting to be filled by a body.What is the space that exists within the clothes when they have no body – it is [nothing] There is such an integral relationship between the body and clothing; when the body is removed, the clothes become [nothing]. An exploration of nothingness.Thesis: To construct; a sleeve, a neckline, a body, a cuff, and underarm, a pant leg. Then: abstract them. Utilize the technique: elimination of information – how does the viewer perceive the parts of garments – as objects – as the space within rather than the objects themselves?To create an abstracted place where people can experience the ‘spaces’ that exists between their body and clothes.