Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Lauren Parikh

    Break Hotel

    Break Hotel is a “grief retreat,” a place dedicated to the grieving process. Break Hotel sees grief as an opportunity for self-transformation. The program of the hotel is designed to address the stages of grieving with targeted activities and spaces that will aid in guests’ rest and recovery.The various programs are established by a series of screens that define spaces and enable varying levels of privacy that take the guest from a state of isolation to one of recovery and reintegration.The Reckoning Room takes the place of a conventional lobby and consists of digital screens for self check-in that limit interaction with others at a delicate time. There are also finned screens that create private confessional booths where guests can record their feelings and experiences.The Cocoon is a guest room that uses a series of screens to envelop guests and give them a sanctuary to embrace their pain and retreat from the pressures of everyday life.The Healing Studios use ancient healing rituals such as yoga, ayurvedic remedies, martial arts, and meditation to help guests work through the anger, depression, and anxiety associated with loss. The studios use screens to enable these therapeutic activities.Finally, there is the Elixir Lounge and Sea Salt pools that allow guests to commune with one another. The screens here are more conducive to socializing, but varying levels of privacy can still be achieved.