Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Bo Kyung (Bo) Byun


    As a child, my parents often played audio books for me. I was so intrigued by the stories they told that I would carry these books with me everywhere, and I often started my day listening to these stories. This fond reminiscence was the catalyst for my thesis. I focused on textile manipulations to link to my nostalgia. I experimented by attaching real audiotapes to fabric, and cutting small pieces of rectangles to correspond with the pages of books. I progressed by multi-layering organza to illustrate the pages of books. Then, I incorporated the laser cut technique to express numbers written on books and tapes. The numbers are pivotal elements in this collection and they play a big role in my narrative. When I received my first book, I was too young to know how to read or write. So, I used the labeled numbers on the books and tapes to figure out which title was which. Therefore, the numbers are visual and essential elements in my collection.