Student Work

  • Fine Arts (MFA)

    Luciana Pinchiero

    Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres (Tell me who you are and I will tell you who your friends are)

    Dime con quién andas y te diré quien eres (Tell me who you are and I will tell you who your friends are), 2015Ceramic tiles, plaster, looped single-channel videoLuciana Pinchiero uses sculpture, video and installation to explore the imbalance and uneasiness that come with all things, and to inquire into the apparent relationships between the universal and the particular. Her work is driven by the many possible meanings imbedded in language and systems of categorization, provoking subtle commentaries on the relationships between what is established by culture and what is experienced by the individual. With a bit of humor, a bit of hesitation, and a bit of control, Pinchiero’s work offers a path to the viewer in which each step is a trace of an unimaginable experience: the encounter with a seemingly familiar object and the ways of figuring out how it works in the world to which one is accustomed. As part of the 2015 MFA Thesis Exhibition, “Off Pink,” Pinchiero presents a budding project that closely observes the intelligence of material and the behavior of objects in their capacity as both serially produced and unique items. These observations contribute to Pinchiero’s ongoing explorations of patterns, systems and repetition, and foster a latent sense of belonging in the individual object as it simultaneously vanishes into the installation.