Student Work

  • Interior Design (AAS)

    Mariel Levine

    Sylar: Research Resort

    SYLAR - ATLANTIC CITY'S NEW HOTEL TYPOLOGYMedia: Video and ImagesThe Sylar Hotel is a research resort—a new hotel typology combining Science (SY), Resort Life (L) and art (AR). Located in the former Revel Casino Hotel, which boasts over 4 million square feet, I was challenged, along with my partners, Eleanor Vogel and Natalie Fu, to re-design and re-conceptualize the failing casino model in Atlantic City. Several spatial studies were conducted, as well as conceptual building drawings and models to understand the magnitude of the space. Extensive research of social, technology and science related trends also inspired our design. Ultimately, six multi-level science research towers formed the foundation for the overall building design, from which hotel programming radiated. Located underneath the hotel is the Salt Cave, Sylar’s unique spa experience. The floor plan was inspired by artist Noala O’Donovan’s porcelain sculpture, whereby the design focuses on four pools: a bioluminescent salt water pool where ocean water is pumped from the pre-existing salt water pipes, a seaweed detoxification pool, a “doctor fish” pool for dead skin removal and a snail pool to soften and heal skin. Surrounding the pools are personalized rooms where avant-garde procedures like snail facials and snake massages are offered.The re-conceptualized casino buffet, “P-Dish” is a new food and beverage program organized by manner of production rather than nationality. Sculptural porcelain pillars offer a variety of progressive food options, which include 3-D printed food, bioluminescent treats, hydroponic herbal gardens and liquid test tube drinks. The design influences the experience: visitors are encouraged to meander and forage through the restaurant, gathering food while considering where food comes from and how it is made.