Student Work

  • Fashion Marketing and Communication (AAS)

    Eungi An

    My team member, Lesley Baker, and I created a fashion line targeted to young males from urban and relatively affluent backgrounds. Our urban fashion-inspired street-wear line features on-trend looks for each season. The name of our project, Electronic youth, comes from the popularity of technology and electronic devices among teenage boys. The concept represents highly active and energetic personalities in the digital era. Given that the spending priorities of our target market—young men aged 13 to 18—are centered around concepts of exclusivity, originality and small, high-quality brands and boutiques, our line offers quality of-the-moment street-wear to young men looking for a fashion forward and upscale look. Based on this analysis, we have created a target market, mood board, trend board, color way, fabric story, prints, merchandised flats for fall 1 and 2, and marketing mix.