Student Work

  • Integrated Design (BFA)

    Camila Capra

    The A-Cup

    Sexual objectification of the female body—equating a woman’s worth with her physical appearance, and converting to a passive object to be looked at, an object for the gaze—has long been a relevant issue in the media, the arts, and society.BOOBIES is an ongoing project that intends to literally objectify women, singling out one of the most objectified parts of the female body—the breast—and turning it into a household product to be valued for its functional use.The A-Cup is the first piece of a series of slip cast porcelain products intended to involve different women in the casting process, celebrating and taking control of their bodies, and transforming their breasts. The action is intended to reclaim women’s agency over their own body, what they do to it, what they do with it, and how much they expose of it. It is a project intended for those who seek to protest against sexist double standards. After all, breasts were intended to be everyone’s first drinking vessel.