Student Work

  • Design and Urban Ecologies (MS)

    Anne Duquennois & Ron Morrison

    Connecting Corners : Towards a Collaborative Food Ecology

    Our project engages bodega owners, community food workers, property owners, and neighbors in the creation of a collaborative system for brokering new food services in Central Harlem. Rather than approaching the design of new services from a logistical perspective, Connecting Corners builds upon preexisting food resources and organizations in the neighborhood. This digital platform helps connect various stakeholders and provides them with a common structure that allows for the expansion of individual capacity and the ability to pool efforts to maximize the impact of their work. It is our assertion that through exploring the collaborative potential of infrastructure, we, as urban citizens, can grow both individually and as a community. By learning to see the ties that bind as infrastructure, we begin to see ways to rearrange their pieces, alter their form, and inject new functions. We place ourselves within the system and, in turn, shape it’s ability to adapt to new users, partnerships, and services. By valuing pre-existing resources, the project aims to derive stronger, more adapted networks to demand, manage and sustain a better local food system. The Connecting Corners project is a collaboration between Anne Duquennois and Ron Morrison.