Student Work

  • Fashion Design (BFA)

    Xuan Zheng

    Yesterday's Tomorrow

    My collection was inspired by the Stanley Kubrick movie, “2001 A Space Odyssey.” This work represents the dawn of the human being—the “modern” and the future.My thesis collection reflects on time travel, using the contradiction of traditional silhouettes with futuristic textures. Using these elements, my aim is to create a “now” wardrobe for the modern women. With my collection, I offer quality construction that will wear well, along with designs that women will love for many years. I have also incorporated recyclable materials and sustainable fabrics.Since the 1969 debut of “2001 A Space Odyssey,” the fashion industry has moved to change. Though the future can never be truly known, we do know that preserving the environment and being socially responsible are important to making clothes.With this in mind, I called my thesis collection: “Yesterday’s Tomorrow.”