Student Work

  • Photography (BFA)

    Lior Tamim

    The Factory Project

    In The Factory Project, located in Beacon, NY, I work in an abandoned industrial space that was once an active factory that produced bricks used to build the Empire State Building and other New York City monuments. I use the space as a private studio, where I create works using local found materials (bricks, metal scraps, and wood) together with contemporary technologies (drones, smart phones, tablets, and digital archives) in order to redefine the connection between manual labor and art.Through this project, I reconsider the notion of “mark making” and its evolution in the digital age. The experience of using a public space as an artist studio simulates working in the cyber space. Both offer free access, and allow for communication, as well as a sense of false privacy; both demand you surrender ownership, and submit your product to be adopted, altered, or destroyed by others. It is a challenge to the notion of the studio as a sacred place.