Student Work

  • Integrated Design (BFA)

    Alexis Walsh


    Drawing inspiration from virulent formations and deterioration, LYSIS COLLECTION consists of constructions that mimic the growth of viral structures while blending organic shapes with rigid structural silhouettes. Through interdisciplinary fabrication, CAD modeling and 3D printing technology is combined with traditional handcrafting technique.LYSIS COLLECTION explores the relationship between digital technology and handcraft. Through the advent of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, it is easy to lose the technical abilities of crafting and fabricating by hand. LYSIS COLLECTION utilizes both methodologies, integrating CAD modeling and Selective Laser Sintering production with couture design techniques, with every portion of the project sewn entirely by hand, each 3D printed piece hand-dyed, each piece sanded by hand, and a veneer finish painted on the dyed parts by hand. Made up of ten individual pieces, with six 3D printed components, LYSIS COLLECTION consists of six full looks. The pieces were first sketched, and then designed in the CAD program Rhino3D. The finished models were printed using Shapeways in white nylon and dyed and finished by hand in post-production. The fabrics and leathers were then attached directly to the 3D printed components, sewn through strategic openings in the designs. Trim details were created using the 3Doodler 3D printing pen. The development of the collection was advised by Sabine Seymour, of Eyebeam and Moondial. The production of the 3D printed pieces for the collection was funded through the generous award of the first ever Shapeways Education Grant.