Student Work

  • Graphic Design (AAS)

    Flora Yi Han Chou

    Light Work Campaign

    Advertising campaigns promote, solicit, sell, and market certain products, ideas, or organizations. Advertisements come in many forms, from physical media such as magazines or posters to digital messages such as billboards or websites. A successful advertisement not only catches attention, but also is visually pleasing. In this series of advertising campaigns for Light Work, a nonprofit organization, the purpose of attracting the attention of local artists, photographers, and potential patrons is served by morphing and elaborating a simple camera icon. An icon is a simple, recognizable pictorial image of a more realistic idea and object. Although the camera icons are transformed in the campaigns to serve as metaphors for their core ideas, they can still be easily identified as cameras. Each campaign is developed from a camera icon that represents the client (Light Work) and its mission to promote awareness of photographers. Each campaign focuses on one attraction of Light Work’s signature “Artist in Residence” program. Cohesion and consistency are achieved by applying tinted complementary colors in each campaign. This series of campaigns not only represents the educational intention of Light Work, but also compliments the fun and inspiring aspects of photography and the arts. Website: