Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Natashia Tjandra


    The stillness in Union Square Park with the occasional dog barks may call to mind Sparky, your best friend at home. Hurried footsteps behind you at 11pm may conjure up images from that horror movie you saw last night. Sounds of the whistling may take you back to that first date with the hottest cheerleader in college. That accented English? Maybe a disastrous beach holiday in Thailand, which you’d like to forget. Similarly, the jarring ambulance sirens constantly remind you that you are in Manhattan, the city of opportunities and dreams.

    Creating the soundtrack of our lives is easy. Egoistical rantings of a rapper, professions of eternal love by a cowboy or even cathartic break up tunes, follow us everywhere we go. At the park, in the subway, in the line for coffee, we continuously block out the world with our own bubble of chosen acoustics. The same tunes over and over, with no room to remember the good or bad times.

    &sounds invites you to take just 60s out of that protective bubble, to discover what Akihabara in Japan sounds like, to remember your first kiss or just to listen to your friends’ latest adventure. With &sounds, you can record, edit and share your aural experiences. Or simply follow other sounds creators. Create a different kind of soundtrack of your life, your own intimate experience of the world. Uninterrupted. Just you & sounds.