Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Abby Chen

    News, Nuooz, Niuws

    As technology diffuses into almost every aspect of human lives, the media industry has changed and been characterized by speed and constant change. Many times, news articles are mass distributed as they are happening, and as a result, journalism has adapted itself to the new speed-oriented culture.

    In China, an extremely high degree of media and internet censorship, combined with the effects of media digitalization, motivated the emergence of interesting phenomenons. In some cases, politicians are treated as celebrities, constantly being quoted out of context and used to create eye-catching headlines that can easily spread over the Internet. Heavy government monitoring left reporters with little choice but to create intriguing yet distorted versions from whatever material they were allowed to work on. But once news is created instead of reported, is it still News? Nuooz? or Niuws?

    This project is focused on how a news story in China can be developed into different interpretations in an online environment. Live data is collected by a custom RSS news search feed and is being stored in spreadsheets as new results come in. By creating an interactive time based information graphic, it allows the user to quickly navigate through the constantly evolving progression in Chinese online media.