Student Work

  • Communication Design (BFA)

    Gabriele d’Amato

    Soundwave Preparations

    Soundwave Preparations = an Imprint whose representational approach is defined by its engagement with all stages of a given musical project. A project motivated by the desire to diversify our sensory understanding of sound through the sampling of non-sonic material. Through the analysis of compositional elements. Soundwave preparations provides an alternative stance amongst the standards of contemporary musical classifications. Its designed output acts as an instrument of organization and audiovisual contribution.

    The very first release of this project has sampled the motion and mystery of archived footage to act as an instrument accompaniment to four separate tracks. The video has been archived in two forms, a two dimensional album cover and a 3 dimensional series of frames printed inside all four volumes of the sound-piece books. Soundwave Preparations is both curated and comprised by the multidisciplinary work of Gabriela d’Amato, combining sonic and digital minimalism across all products within the evolving identity. Methodology = Analyze, Synthesize, Materialize. Website: