Student Work

  • Photography (MFA)

    Magali Duzant

    One Year

    'One Year' centers on a twenty-first century search for spirituality (of a kind), seeking to make a mystical unknown into something quantifiable and descriptive of our time. Using the aura photograph as a starting point, the resulting work frames the search for the spiritual as a response to a world constantly being made anew, the dynamics of control continually changing hands – time takes on a different character, visual language is updated and fluid, older world orders are dislodged and through it all we search for comfort. The post ­9/11 world is one of interior vulnerability. We live in an age defined by imagery and yet so much imagery ceases to hold much meaning. Over the course of one year, an aura photograph is made every two weeks, culminating in a guide to living. The auras are then read via the chakra system and the vagaries of pop psychology personality tests. The physicality of the resulting images is significant, print in an age where few photographs are ever printed. There is a ritual to the process. The photographer disappears under a black cloak. Hands are placed down to be “measured.” The session takes a minute. The subject sits still and then waits as the polaroid comes to. The image is revealed with a slow peel apart. The reading takes place. The past is observed and discussed, the future begins to fill in. Through all of this a general idea of the subject is formed, advice given, clues taken, and in the end one walks away with the proof. The struggles of the past and the hopes of the future are found in one 4 x 5 sheet of film.