Student Work

  • Lighting Design (MFA)

    Erin Werner

    Honestly For You: A Personalized Shopping Experience Through Light and Color

    How do we create a more flexible lighting system; one that can allow customers to view color in an honest way by utilizing different lighting conditions? I am designing a system that can be tuned to different color temperatures and intensities, specifically in a dressing room to allow a color transformation to transpire. The importance of this thesis is to inform the populous about light and how light can affect their perception of themselves and others.

    My design uses a combination of LED sources that are slim, unnoticeable fixtures to create a spacious dressing room. Through the use of a diffuse ceiling and the directional lighting integrated within mirrors, my design will achieve the task of providing flattering and adjustable light for the shopper and the merchandise.

    The control scenes suggested in this dressing room include: an office setting, the home, a candlelit restaurant or bar, a special event like a concert, or club, a clear sky, a partly cloudy sky, an overcast sky, and an filtered daylight setting. All of the control scenes will be integrated into an interactive touch screen for the individual shopper to choose. My goal is first to educate and then to offer the shopper different lighting options in pre-programmed scenes that will be easy to understand and fun to use.