Student Work

  • Integrated Design (BFA)

    Yang Wu


    Bird nests inspired this shoe. The simplicity and purity of the nests' forms spoke strongly to me. Nests give warmth, closure and safety to birds--- and that is also how I see shoes. A good pair of shoes offers functionality, comfort and aesthetics, all in perfect balance, as does the nest. A bird builds its nest on materials found in its natural habitat and utilizes the best characteristics of each material. This is what I call "vernacular design," and this is how a designer should approach his materials. I focused on researching locally produced, all-natural materials to reinforce my concept. Not only is this a sustainable approach to materials, but it also connects local producers with designers. The materiality became a strong part of the design concept. It becomes more important to retain the natural qualities of the materials that are used. The materials really connect the producer, designer and the consumer. The final outcome of this piece is a collective effort.