Student Work

  • Integrated Design (BFA)

    Lauren Davis

    Productive Anonymity

    This project is about my process. When I began these four-color screenprints, I had the intention of making them all exactly the same. I quickly realized, however, that this was not going to happen. This frustrated me, because it was not coming out the way I initially intended. Despite this, I learned many things in the process and I enjoyed seeing the differing results I was getting. I feel that working through this process and this project as a whole corresponds with a lot of what I'm going through in my own life. 

    I was born with a visible abnormality out of my control. This has caused me to strive for perfection in many areas of my life. I've begun to realize that the end product isn't necessarily as important as the journey it took to get there; hiding your mistakes is rarely as interesting as embracing them. This self-discovery and personal realization has manifested itself within my work. I see myself letting the process guide me rather than my own expectations.

    However, I still find myself grappling with wanting uniformity while simultaneously maintaining this new feeling of being free and open. To a certain extent I'm realizing that both are good in their own ways, and I'm enjoying this journey of finding the perfect, or not so perfect, balance.