Student Work

  • Interior Design (MFA)

    Samantha Obell

    The Hospitable Hotel of Tomorrow

    An interior is only complete when occupied. People bring life, energy, and expectations to the spaces they inhabit. Our bodies produce and regulate heat, we hear noises and conversations, we smell pleasant and pungent scents, we taste familiar and unfamiliar food and drinks, we feel cool, hard surfaces as well as warm, soft materials, and we see both banal and extraordinary objects and spaces. 

    It is paramount to reevaluate habits and conventions so they can most accurately reflect the way the interior is truly used and experienced. The Hotel of Tomorrow has the potential to cause us to reconsider the source and usage of electricity, vertical circulation, the way a building is programmed, and the performance and interaction of surfaces. The future interior is about weightlessness and flexibility, offering people the ability to adapt and remain mindful of the way we interact with each other, technology, and our surroundings.