Student Work

  • Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Sally Baek

    Designing for the Sandwich Generation

    What does it mean to design for a generation? The Sandwich Generation, a term first coined by Dorothy Miller in 1981, is unlike other 'generations,' in that it does not refer to a group of people born at a particular time. Rather, it is defined as a generation of adults who are sandwiched between aging parents and their own growing children. Members of this generation serve as the emotional and financial supporters of their families. 

    'Designing for the Sandwich Generation' is 28-page poetic research report that highlights key trends, patterns, and challenges helping designers and business leaders tailor their products and services to fulfill the unique, unmet needs of each generation that will eventually become the sandwich generation. By cross referencing U.S. population growth rates of the elderly, Kondratiev's Long Waves Technological Innovation Theory, and generational demographics, this report is designed for readers to easily understand the current trends and future needs of the evolving Sandwich Generation.