Student Work

  • Architectural Design (BFA)

    Angelina Putri and Victoria Lee

    The Edge

    This project takes the form of four separate components addressing different aspects of climate change. 

    Living on the Edge explores a new typology of living, responding to the rising sea level and under-developed food supply system of New York City, what we refer to as "edge conditions." Reshaping Recreational Activities uses agriculture to close the gap between nature and humans, and allows nature to become an integral part of human life. Bioremediation could be used to solve the problem of existing pollution by using plants like yellow poplar and various trees can clean the air and rebalance the water; the plants' rapid overgrowth could also function as natural fertilizer for reconditioning the soil. Mobile Building Parts challenges the idea of a solid building. Inspired by the construction of ships and its lifeboats, mobile building parts float and attach freely collecting rainwater that generates water current electricity while simultaneously reconditioning the river. 

    The goal of a sustainable building should not be how it stands alone with its technologically advanced features, but how it can provide a bridge between the old and the new, offering adaptable connections with other buildings