Student Work

  • Design and Urban Ecologies (MS)

    Luisa Munera and Sabrina Dorsainvil

    The Urban Atlas Project

    The Urban Atlas Project is an archive of narratives on urban development through five lenses: stories, boundaries, power dynamics, networks and imaginaries. It serves as a platform for local artists, residents and youth to critically investigate, unearth and imagine the ways in which the processes and effects of urban development impact their everyday life.

    The mission of the Urban Atlas Project is to develop creative methods of alternatively looking at the everyday. Organized through the Urban Atlas Project Youth Initiative, the Urban Atlas Project Collective is made up of citizen artists and designers with an interest in socially engaged art practices. With open resident contributions and partnerships with local organizations, the Urban Atlas Project will allow the individuals directly affected by urban change to collaboratively contribute to the archive. Our guiding tool, the Urban Atlas Guide, exposes Urban Atlas participants to creative methods and tools pulled from various artists, social scientists, activists, community organizations and more. By utilizing these tools and reframing their context for urban investigations, Urban Atlas participants can unearth the past, reveal the present and imagine the future of their city. 

    The Urban Atlas Project is a collaboration between Sabrina Dorsainvil and Luisa Munera.